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How to kayak your way to fitness by engaging in recreational or sport kayaking

Majority of people will plunge to the waters for the fun of it while others will be there for adventure, fishing or sports. There is yet another category of people who will take too kayaking for health

Learning life lessons on a kayaking expedition

There are quotes about life that have been used time and time again without anyone paying attention to what they mean. For instance, “if you love life, don’t waste time, for time is what life is made

Things to consider when shopping for a cheap recreational kayak

Just as signified in the name, recreational kayaks were designed for recreational use. They are a perfect match for hobbyist who are keen to get out to the waters for exercise, leisure, mental and physical health and

The different uses of kayaks in ancient and modern times

Kayaking is an activity that has increasingly gained a lot of popularity. Many people are kayaking for recreational, fishing and sporting purposes. A few years back kayaks were not very popular. Kayaks are water vessels that were

My dream of a fishing career turned out just fine

My dream while growing up was to be a Fishing Boat Captain. This may sound as an odd choice for a career but having grown up in a remote village in the swampy coasts of South America,

Taking a critical look at sit-on-top kayaks and sit–in kayaks

A kayak is a unique water vessel that was originally used by the Inuit people in Greenland. The Inuit used the kayak as a hunting and fishing vessel – the name kayak actually means a hunting man’s