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Beards Are In, But Should You Grow One?

If you haven’t noticed, beards have been becoming increasingly popular. Growing a beard is now the cool thing to do, and men have taken notice of it as have women. But with beards, there is so much

The Man Beach Body: Why You Should Strive For One

Let’s be honest, being able to have the confidence in your body to rip your shirt off and plod up and down the coast of the beach and not worry about whether or not people are judging

Best Dogs For Men

If you’re a guy looking for a dog, as they are “man’s best friend”, you have probably pondered the idea of what type of dog to get. There are lots of breeds out there, each of them

Dressed For The Occassion

He reached for the pull string attached to the overhead light in his walk-in closet. To the left were his collection of suits hanging by color, darks to the left, lights to the right. It was a

How to Wear a Tie Clip

A tie clip, which is sometimes called a tie bar, is used to properly hold a man’s tie to the front of his shirt. A tie clip is a classic accessory that is not only practical but

Quality Hair Products for Men

Shampoos, conditioners and other hair care products are often marketed to target female consumers. Many men go along with it and end up purchasing products with fragrances such as jasmine, strawberries and other feminine scents. Many fine