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Challenges of joining college and adapting to the new life

Joining college for me was very exciting. I had heard of all the fun that one could have in college and I could not wait. Another reason that made me long for college life was the fact that I was good in basketball and finally I could go to a higher level of the competition. I was very keen on joining a university that had a strong history of producing great basketball teams. I however did not want to join college courtesy of a basketball scholarship. I knew I had the quality of getting a scholarship but thanks to my father’s advice, I realized it was important to also get some good education in another field that I could depend on when I was no longer competitive.

Therefore in high school, I made extra effort in my studies and performed very well in my studies. I was able to get admission to a very good college that had a great basketball team. To cap it all, it was in a different state. I had never moved out of my state before and I was eager to live in another state.

Adapting to life in college was not a big deal for me. Luckily I was able to get recognition from some of the fellows in the basketball team whom I had met in my high school days. I particularly made quick friends with a player who was a year ahead of me but came from the same town as I did. He had been in a rival high school and we had often played against each other. He was glad that I would be joining the team.

Getting friends was not a hassle but my main issue were the housekeeping chores in my room. I had managed to get a room all to myself at a hostel near the college compound. The only setback for this was that I had to do many of the housekeeping chores by myself. I was not very fond of this especially the cooking and cleaning.

I had carried some cooking appliances from home such as a small electric skillet for making quick meals, an electric water kettle for boiling water and some other assorted appliances that I could use to make quick light meals. For most of the time however, I was joining other college students in the college cafeteria where they served some cheap meals.

There were some food courts around the college where we would also venture to once in a while when we wanted to have different food.

As a basketball player I had a great appetite and many times while in my room I would suddenly feel hungry. Since going to look for food would waste a lot of time, I decided to be stocking my small kitchenette with snacks. Later I also started buying some fruits and sometimes vegetables which I would blend together to make healthy smoothies.

Cleaning was yet another hurdle for me. Luckily there was a cleaning service nearby which I hired and they would send someone to clean my room and clothes.