Essential equipment that sea touring kayakers should always have

Sea touring kayaks are kayaks that are used to traverse long distance into the sea or ocean. Often these kayaks are made with a long hull and narrow width to maximize on speed. However, there are sea touring kayaks that are made to carry more luggage. These wide hull enables the kayakers to carry equipments, camping gear and other fishing tackle including fishing bait.

Before getting out into the sea, every kayaker should ensure that they arm themselves with a compass, a chart and other navigation tools. One also needs to have the right skills to use these gadgets. Even people who know their way very well in certain waters might require a compass to track well and a chart that would help in finding their bearing in case of bad weather. A GPS unit is also important and can be a good addition to the other navigation equipment.

However, a GPS unit can never be a substitute to the compass and the chart since a GPS is an electronic gadget that may fail such as when the batteries go dead.

When venturing deep into the sea it’s very important to ensure that you arm yourself with a water tight container to protect your communication gadgets. The basic communication gadgets that every kayaker should have are a cell phone and a VHF radio.

Experienced sea tour kayakers may also acquire personal locator beacons which transmit signals of distress which are quite powerful and can be quite useful incase of any emergency. Its batteries are made to stay dormant until the gadget is activated normally by flicking a switch. PLB gadgets are waterproof and can be easily carried on a kayakers shoulder instead of a strobe.

Other gadgets that could pass a message of distress while on the sea include hand flares, mirrors, smoke signals, whistles that could be used to attract attention of other boats, sea dye that can be poured on the water to attract attention of search parties in the air, reflective tape, and fog horns which are often a requirement for all kayakers by the coast guards.

Many sea touring kayaks come with a repair kit although additional kits can be acquired in case of any kind of damage to a boat. Some of the basic items that are found in a repair kit include electric tapes to tie any kind of electric cables on the kayak, duck tapes that can adhere even on wet surfaces, epoxy to easily fill up any holes on the hull and other mechanical tools that can be used to fix the rudder or skeg.

Sea touring kayakers who intend to involve themselves in fishing should ensure that they find space for different kinds of wet gear alongside the different kinds of fishing gear. Neoprene tops and pants are made in varying gauges of thickness and are made to fit perfectly with no restriction to body movement. Many paddlers on the other hand prefer water proof wear which is more comfortable and convenient.