kayaking expedition

Learning life lessons on a kayaking expedition

There are quotes about life that have been used time and time again without anyone paying attention to what they mean. For instance, “if you love life, don’t waste time, for time is what life is made of”. Life is amazing and it teaches every one of us some hard lessons. So the sooner we learn and apply these lessons in our lives, the better we become. Last weekend my wife learnt the power of doing things with a passion.

We have been together for the last six years and have put in a lot of effort into this relationship to make it work. We love outdoor activities and kayaking is our favourite activity since it helps to strengthen the bond between us and it is an activity that we both love.

Last weekend the weather was very fine and we decided that it was perfect for kayaking. It was another great opportunity to enjoy the outdoors and continue cementing the bond between us. This time we planned to have a race to see who the fastest kayaker between us was.

We joined a few of our friends at our best kayaking site. Everyone was happy and we were optimistic that the day would turn out to be fantastic. We all had different kayaks. I could spot many types of kayak models including seyvlar Fiji inflatable kayaks, sun dolphin Aruba kayaks, old town predators, pelican apex kayaks and many other assorted kayak models.

Before setting out into the water we asked them to referee the race between me and my wife.

We set our kayaks to the shore ready to launch them into the waters. My wife claimed to be to be an experienced kayaker and she boasted of the fact that she had been kayaking since when she was a little girl while, I was just a beginner – in fact, she was the one who had introduced me to kayaking during our dating days. (My wife’s father is an avid angler and he had introduced her to kayaking when she was a little girl in lower grade).

We both had Sport Pescador 12 kayaks which my wife had helped us buy due to her prior knowledge and experience in kayaks. The hard shell kayak was both good for fishing, recreation and sporting activities.

To my wife’s surprise, I beat her in the race. She could not believe that an upstart could beat her. This was a hard pill for her to swallow. As we went home that evening, she was still struggling with the why and the how.

There is power that lies in doing something out of passion. Personally, I ventured into kayaking as a way of keeping fit. I made it a habit to go kayaking whenever I had a chance. Obviously the passion I had for kayaking had made me become very good within a very short time. My wife on the other hand despite having many years’ experience was not as fit as I was and so she lost the race.