fishing career

My dream of a fishing career turned out just fine

My dream while growing up was to be a Fishing Boat Captain. This may sound as an odd choice for a career but having grown up in a remote village in the swampy coasts of South America, this is one of the most prestigious careers that I could dream of. All the communities around our rural home depended on fishing.

Growing up I had come to appreciate fish as the main source of food. From a very young age, I was introduced to fishing. My father, who was the sole bread winner for our massive family would wake up early in the morning and spend the whole day on his boat fishing. When I was a little older, and being the eldest son among my siblings, my father took me out with him to teach me the trade. He taught me how to use the fishing paraphernalia such as the rod, the baitcasting reel, the sinkers, and the floaters. He also taught me the intricate details of fishing.

In our community, the sons always helped their father to fish which was the main economic activity. When the sons were grown, they would move out to start their own families and they would also do fishing as their main economic activity. Therefore, I naturally assumed that his would also be my path.

As I grew up, I came to learn about huge fishing vessels that were used to fish in the deep sea waters. This advanced form of fishing naturally appealed to me a great deal and I dreamt of one day becoming the captain of such a vessel.

Obviously my childhood dreams became less attractive as I grew into adulthood and I realized that there were many other career opportunities that were much more rewarding than being a fishing boat captain. Unfortunately for me my choices were very limited due to my lack of a proper education.

As a teenager, I managed to come to the United States where we all believed to be the land of opportunity. On arriving in the country, I was able to land many temporal jobs that helped me survive from day to day. I was however not content and these jobs did not give me the satisfaction that I craved.

Finally I one day stumbled into a kayaking resort where the main activity was fishing. I still had a passion for fishing and since I had a lot of knowledge and skill in fishing, I applied for a job as a fishing charter operator. I was not confident of landing the job but I prayed that I would get the job since it would be the best job that I had had until then. It would also come close to making me achieve my childhood dream.

To my surprise the manager called me up for an interview for the position. I easily passed the first test where he tested for my communication skills. He then took me for a practical test on fishing aboard a tandem sit on top kayak – I easily passed the test and hugely impressed the manager.

I have been the working in the kayaking resort for seven years now although today I am the manager.