making a career choice

My long winding rugged path towards making a career choice

Whilst growing up I did not know what I really wanted to do as a career. I was always changing my choice depending on whatever caught my fancy at the particular time. As you can expect, my choices were usually kept around some of the most common and admired careers.

Since I heard that lawyers were well paid, I at one time wanted to be a lawyer. Then I was told that lawyers were dishonest. I changed my choice to surgery. I figured that the title surgeon gave one a lot of prestige. The realization that surgery involves cutting up people effectively made me change my choice. There was another time that I was seriously thinking of being an actress. This was after I had watched a movie where I had been moved greatly by the actress. After trying my hand at acting in the school drama club, I realized that acting was simply not for me.

The choice that I stuck with for the longest time was being a dentist. Since I could not be a surgeon I decided that I could treat people’s teeth. At least here there was not so much blood and opening up of people.

As I grew up I slowly realized another passion developing in my life. Being the only girl among three siblings, I was most of the time stuck with my mother in the kitchen. I would help her with most of the cooking and other housekeeping tasks.

My mom is a great person to be around. One of the reasons that I liked her company was that she always had interesting stories. She was also very humorous. As such, I would enjoy her narrations as I worked on the various chores especially in the kitchen.

Whilst working in the kitchen, I would enjoy preparing the fruits and vegetables. I loved cutting them up into small precise shapes. When my father bought my mum a mini food processor, I was not very keen to use it. I found that it took the fun away from chopping up the food into beautiful shapes.

When it came to the actual cooking, I loved to experiment with various types of cooking. I also loved the aroma of cooking food mixed with seasonings. I was especially very particular with cooking food to precise levels. For example, I would ensure that my vegetables were accurately cooked to a degree where they were comfortably edible but not cooked to a degree where they were soggy or overcooked.

My love for cooking was hugely encouraged by my doting father. Being the only daughter in the family, I was again given a lot of loving attention from my father. Often when he came from work he would bring me some sweets. My brothers would be chided and branded sissies if they demanded for a share of the sweets.

My dad loved eating his dinner with us and he always complemented my cooking efforts. He especially loved it when I cooked rice with fish spiced with his favorite flavors.

My growing love for cooking finally made me change my career choice to being a chef.