different uses of kayaks

The different uses of kayaks in ancient and modern times

Kayaking is an activity that has increasingly gained a lot of popularity. Many people are kayaking for recreational, fishing and sporting purposes. A few years back kayaks were not very popular.

Kayaks are water vessels that were originally used by the Inuit people in the Northern Hemisphere especially in Greenland. They used the vessel for hunting, fishing, and for travel. The superiority of the kayak especially in handling and portability has seen many other communities – especially in modern days – embrace the kayak.

The kayak is still used for hunting by many communities in the Northern Hemisphere including communities as far as Russia. The kayak is preferred for hunting as compared to other small vessels due to its agility in water which enables it to easily get to good hunting spots without spooking the prey. Kayaks are also safe since the pilot can easily recover from a capsized kayak by simply rolling and turning back the kayak using his own body. This is not possible with other water vessels.

Kayaks are also good for fishing since they are able to get to hidden waters where fish hide. This is because they are very narrow and hence they can be able to sail through small gaps. A kayak is also able to sail over very shallow water; kayaks can even sail over water that is only six inches deep! This helps the anglers to be able to get to places where other vessels cannot get to and access more fish.

Kayaks are also used for transport. Despite being used for transport, this is not their main purpose and they are not very good transportation vessels since they carry minimum passengers and minimum luggage. They are however superior when it comes to speed and agility. They are also very good if one wants to sail through very rough water such as down a fast moving dangerous river.

In recent times, kayaks have been adopted for many other uses. During the Second World War, kayaks were used by the navy. Soldiers used kayaks to get to enemy ships and enemy territorial lands. Kayaks were ideal for this use since they are very quiet and small and therefore hard to detect. Kayaks are also built with materials that are hard to detect using military technology.

In modern time,s kayaks have been hugely adopted as recreational vessels. This is mainly because kayaks are very easy vessels to use and hence people of various skills including beginners and even children can comfortably use a kayak. Recreational kayaks are used for various activities including leisure tours, sightseeing, bird watching, sea touring, observing marine wildlife, diving, and for bonding sessions.

Kayaks are today also used for sporting activities including white water kayaking, kayak racing, and show boating.

Kayak designs have continually been modified and improved and this has led to the increase of the kayaks versatility. A major shift in the design and model of the kayak that led to it being very versatile was the introduction of inflatable kayaks which brought about great portability, affordability, and easy to use for recreational purposes.