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Things to consider when shopping for a cheap recreational kayak

Just as signified in the name, recreational kayaks were designed for recreational use. They are a perfect match for hobbyist who are keen to get out to the waters for exercise, leisure, mental and physical health and for body rejuvenation after a long period of work. There are a few people who really know the importance of kayaking in respect to mental health. Kayaking is considered as one of those activities that can improve mental health by way of relieving stress.

Most of the recreational kayaks are versatile enough for use in different aquatic environments that include flat water, rivers, streams and ponds. They are stable enough for beginners who can comfortably paddle in relatively calm waters. They are comfy and they come with a big storage space for storing gear and other personal effects used during kayaking. A big percentage of beginners chose cheap recreational kayaks before deciding on making huge investments on expensive kayaks. It is therefore important to consider the following before parting with hard-earned cash for a recreational kayak.


The term ‘cheap’ is relative and depends on the context in use. Realistically, a kayak in the range of $300-$700 is considered cheap depending on its quality. Within this price range, one can get a kayak with ample storage space and comfortable seats that ensures comfortable for a long time.

Where size matters  

Recreational kayaks come in different sizes and it is for a reason. Basically, longer kayaks have the ability of keeping track in a straight line while the shorter versions are easy to maneuver and turn. Both the long and the short version of recreation kayak are suited for different environments. It is therefore important to have a clue of the type of environment you are likely to paddle your kayak in. Most of the best cheap recreational kayaks are in the range of 10 feet and 12 feet. These sizes are excellent for various aquatic environments and can be maneuvered without a great deal of effort.

Comfortable seating and paddling

Most recreational kayaks have adjustable seats that accommodate individuals of different heights. Kayaks with plastic roto-molded seats are uncomfortable. No one wants to spend extra money on replacing the uncomfortable seats.


Kayakers, especially the beginners would be more comfortable in a kayak that is stable on the waters. In this case, inflatable recreational kayaks are considered more stable than the hard-shell kayaks in most aquatic environments.

Storage space

A recreational enthusiast will many times want a kayak with a large space for storage. Recreational paddlers needs to have places where they can attach items and store things they might require when paddling. The kayaks should offer safe storage without the risk of the items getting damaged or the items getting wet.


Kayaks are made of different materials that include Kevlar, fiber glass plastic and an array of other materials. Most of the modern inflatable recreational kayaks are made of resistant rubber that is reinforced with polyester fabric. Unlike their hard-shell counterparts, they are light in weight and hence easily portable.